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'''TM Kakou’s''' precision processing technologies give highly distinctive finishes, free of paint seeds, warp or other flaws, at lower initial costs, more stable dimensional accuracies and shorter lead times compared to standard molding methods. We are known among our customers especially for dimensional stabilities and low costs based on our expertise in cutting acrylic sheets having hard-coated surfaces. We are making daily efforts to gather information globally as it helps identify what is expected of us, and acquire the technological edge to “exploit materials to the full and beyond” and lead technological innovations.

Work process


Photograph of the sizing process

A digital panel saw is used to cut resin sheets (up to 25mm in thickness) to the precise work size needed in the next process (1500mm or shorter).

Decorative finish

Photograph of the decorative finish process

A wide variety of decorative finish is available using our silkscreen printing and other out-sourced printing methods to meet our customers’ needs.

 Wave printing
 Hairline printing
 Ink-jet printing
 Spin printing
 Vapor deposition
 Metal lamination


Photograph of the cutting process

Cutting programs are prepared based on data to meet the customer’s requirements. We use uniaxial cutters with new materials or test production, and multi-axial cutters with multi-processed or volume production products. Cutting is '''TM Kakou’s''' main expertise.
Molded parts cutting
Mirror finish
Laser processing


Photograph of the cleaning process

Ultrasonic cleaning prepares parts in a contaminant-free condition. This reduces time normally needed for decontamination in the assay process so that the assay personnel can concentrate on visual inspection.


Photograph of the assay process

Visual inspection is performed in highly-clean environment according to the customer’s inspection standards.


Photograph of the Measurement process

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Vision measuring system
Film thickness gauge

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