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Privacy Policy

1. Name of the business operator collecting personal information

TM Kakou Co., Ltd.

2. How we treat personal information

We at '''TM Kakou''' believe it our social responsibility and a basic rule of business to abide by laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information.

3. How we use personal information

We will use personal information that we collect from our existing and potential customers for the purposes written below. In doing so, we will communicate with them regarding specific purposes for which such information is being collected and used and our use will be limited to such extent agreed to by them.
* To respond to questions, opinions or requests received from our customers

4. Safety measures for personal information

For the sole purpose of safeguarding customers’ personal information, we will practice reasonable as well as appropriate safety measures to prevent risks including but not limited to illegal access to personal information, loss, damage, destruction, falsification, leakage and hacking.

5. Disclosure to third parties

Personal information will never be disclosed or offered to third parties in any events other than those written below:
 ・With the customer’s
 ・Customers are unidentifiable
 ・When required by law
 ・Needed to protect a person’s life, body or property and obtaining the person’s prior consent
  is not practical
 ・Needed to cooperate with national or local public authorities or their agents in performing
  their legal duties, and obtaining the customer’s consent is likely to interfere with such duties

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